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Heart cut selenite stone is a natural stone. It has an average size of 5-6 CM.

Selenite Selenite Stone Features and Benefits

It is most associated with the crown chakra and the third eye chakra, which represent wisdom and spirituality.
Selenite's colorless beauty and translucency are often associated with purity and peace in both metaphysical beliefs and color theory.
Perfect to use while meditating or trying to achieve mental clarity.
It is a high energy natural stone vibrating at high frequency.
It is believed to clear one's self-limiting body, mind, and spirit.
Zodiac Signs:
Fish and Crab

Compatible Chakra:
1st Crown Chakra, 3rd Eye Chakra

How to Clean Selenite:
When you receive your stone, it is recommended to clean it before use and periodically. Cleansing regulates the energy of the stone. Cleaning of natural stones is also done naturally. Four elements are used in this cleaning. Since Selenite Stone has a very soft structure, it should not come into contact with water. You can clean your jewelry and objects with the following methods, depending on the hardness level of your stone:

Cleaning with running water: You can clean hard stones by washing them under running water for 4-5 minutes.
Soaking in sea water or salt water: You can clean hard stones by soaking them in sea water or salt water for 10 minutes.

Cleaning by burying in the ground: You can clean your stone by burying it in the ground for 24 hours in the open area or in a flower pot. You can hold the stone you removed from the soil with water to remove the dust on it.
Cleaning with incense: You can clean your stones with low hardness by placing them next to the incense you burn.
Cleaning with candlelight: You can clean your stones with low hardness by placing them next to the candles you light.
Cleaning with a salt lamp: You can clean the energy of all your stones by placing them around your salt lamp.

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