Amazonite Stone (Unprocessed Raw 3 Pieces)

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Amazonite Stone (Unprocessed Raw 3 Pieces)

1 Piece Approximate Weight Between 8-25 GR

1 Piece Approximate Measured 30X15 MM

The price is valid for 3 natural stones.

Very Small Size And Tones Of The Stones May Vary Between Each Other.

Amazonite Stone Benefits

Amazonite brings balance and harmony, calms aggression, makes the irrational more rational and calms the mind.

Amazonite is also referred to as the Stone of Truth and the Stone of Courage, which are well-earned nicknames based on amazonite meaning. Amazonite strengthens and facilitates self-discovery, self-awareness, and the ability to embrace one's own integrity and truth. Amazonite powers strengthen the confidence to dispel the fear of confrontation or harsh judgment from others while living according to one's own values ​​and beliefs, all of which are within the amazonite meaning.

Amazonite is known for maintaining health in general. It helps cell regeneration and healing after diseases, traumas or injuries and relieves muscle spasms. It can be used in the treatment of nervous system disorders and blockages in the flow of neural impulses, as well as problems with the throat and thyroid gland.

Product Price : 3.16 Dolar
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