Tiger Eye Stone Tree of Life Necklace

Ürün Kodu: 200422

Marka: Dünya Doğal Taş

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Tiger Eye Stone Tree of Life Necklace

Pendant size approx 5X2X1.5 CM

Chain average length 55 CM

Stones used in the tree of life; Amethyst, Iolite,  Aquamarine, Zebercet, Citrine, Agate, Garnet (Granate)

Tiger Eye Stone Benefits

It gives positive energy to the person who uses it and purifies it from negative energy.

It is believed among the people that it protects from the negative effects of magic and evil eye.

Also known as the stone of strength and courage, the tiger eye has a feature that increases the feelings of freedom and independence.

Tiger's eye, which is known to have positive effects on pain, plays a role in relieving stress-related headaches.

People with digestive system problems are especially recommended to use this stone.

Positive effects have been observed in the regulation of blood circulation and blood purification. It is also known for its heart health benefits.

It is thought to be good for asthma diseases.

It is known that alcohol and cigarette users give willpower in the process of quitting their addiction.

Product Price : 7.16 Dolar
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