Sodalite and Onyx Stone Bracelet

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Sodalite and Onyx Stone Bracelet

Approximate size of stones 6 MM and 8 MM

The average length of the bracelet is 19 CM

Sodalite Benefits

With its calming energy, sodalite reduces inflammation in the body and relieves inflammatory conditions such as headaches and muscle tension. This stone also helps reduce acid in your system to balance the pH in your body. It is a good stone for students, teachers, athletes, physical therapists and meditation practitioners.

Sodalite can be used to support the regulation of blood pressure and facilitates water retention. Sodalite improves especially long-term hoarseness complaints affecting the throat, larynx and vocal cords. It has a cooling effect and stimulates the absorption of fluids in the body.

Sodalite balances metabolism, helps calcium deficiencies, cleans the lymphatic system and related organs. It strengthens the immune system. Sodalite helps with insomnia, throat, vocal cords, larynx and digestive disorders.


It is used to strengthen the heart, kidney, hair, eyes and nails. Onyx is said to help those with sleep disorders. Eliminates stress, apathy and neurological disorders. It is beneficial for eye conditions such as glaucoma. Dental problems, bone marrow and blood diseases are also treated using Onyx Stone. It is believed to be a good mystical stone. It brings spiritual inspiration. It helps keep passion and emotions under control. It increases self-confidence, responsibility and sharpens the senses. It increases self-confidence, responsibility and sharpens the senses. It promotes healthy egoism, which is good for relieving stress and emotional disorders. It improves self-confidence and positive attitude towards life. It helps to increase focus and desire to achieve something.

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