Rhodonite Stone and Hematite Stone Bracelet

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Rhodonite Stone and Hematite Stone Bracelet

Rhodonite, Hematite Stone Bracelet has an average length of 18 CM and is macrame braided and opens to fit every wrist size.

The size of the stones;

4 MM Rhodonite Stone

10X4MM Hematite

Some Benefits of Rhodonite

It opens and activates the heart chakra. It helps a person to find their soul mate. It increases the capacity of heart vibrations in terms of love and affection.

Rhodonite can help you maintain your vitality throughout the day. Anyone who has experienced a midday energy dip knows the importance of this. Rhodonite can help you stay rock solid most of the day.

Some people say that rhodonite has a beneficial effect on the growth of bones and the auditory system. The stone is also believed to be able to detoxify the body, healing digestive problems and ulcers. Psychologically, the stone is said to awaken the wearer to the sensitivity of the emotions within. It is a stone that speaks to us when our hearts are hardened by unhappiness. It helps us take new risks to achieve happiness. They are ready to love us again and at the same time be able to receive love. It is also a very emotional grounding stone.


Relieves stress, tension and anxiety. It is good for depression.

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