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What is Pendulum Pendulum How to Use

What is a pendulum?
A pendulum pendulum is typically attached to a string, chain, or cord. It is also a tool made from a small, weighted object such as a stone or crystal. You hold the pendulum in one hand, ask simple yes or no questions, and the pendulum swings in a certain way to give an answer.

What Is Pendulum Pendulum Used For?
In its simplest form, you can use it to answer questions or help with decision making. Pendulums have also been used for:

Identifying remedial goals and allergies.

To clear and diffuse negativity in a room.

To help you find lost objects or pets.

Pendulum Pendulum History

Pendulums are not a new age thing; people have been swinging (crystal) natural stone pendulums since the 17th century. Galileo Galilei was the first to formally study and report it in 1602. From Leonardo Da Vinci to Isaac Newton. Pendulums have been keeping the rhythm of time for a long time. (since 16th century

work) and is still being practiced. There are speculations that pendulums were also used in Ancient Rome and Egypt.

What Exactly Is a Pendulum Pendulum?
A pendulum is usually a crystal or gemstone at the end of a string, chain. It doesn't have to be crystal, but you will need something symmetrical and weighted. Natural stones that already have a strong frequency and deep spirituality should be used as pendulums. Natural stone pendulum pendulums that offer guidance are called pendulums because of the movements they use, that is, they swing in different directions according to the response.

So what causes the pendulum to actually move? Depends on who you ask. Some believed that our subconscious mind stepped in and subtly moved the pendulum in a certain direction. Of course, a more technical answer would be gravity.

Questions to ask the pendulum
So what kind of questions should you ask your pendulum? Yes and no questions are best because they are the only questions the pendulum can answer. You can also convert any problem, query or decision into a yes and no format. You should be very clear about your question and take the time to feel it carefully. Remember, the pendulum is connected to your own energy and because your energy is constantly changing and stabilizing, the response you get one day will be very different the next. This does not mean that the answer is unstable or wrong, by collecting the answers, we can know.

How to Use Pendulum?

Position yourself and your pendulum.

Ideally, sit upright with both feet flat on the floor. Grasp the pendulum between your thumb and forefinger – or if you prefer, you can grip anywhere along the chain as long as you leave a few inches between your fingers and the pendulum's weight stone. Bend your wrist slightly, fix your forearm (not your hand) on something sturdy, such as the edge of a table or the arm of a chair. Let the pendulum swing. Try to stay still, but don't worry if your hand trembles a little. This will not affect the result.

When she calms down, ask her (aloud or in your head) to say “yes” to you. It should swing in a way or in circles. Then ask him to show you “no”, it should swing in a different direction. If you wish, you can also ask clarifying questions such as “my name is _” with a correct or incorrect answer to test the answer, but we generally think that this is not necessary. Obviously, all the questions you want answered and then keep asking the pendulum must be formulated with the possibility of yes/no answers. Some people like to add a "maybe" option for a little more nuance, see if it works for you. In order to get the clearest answer, it is important to stay calm and be really open to the answer the pendulum gives you.


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