Moon Labradorite Stone Necklace

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Moon Labradorite Stone Necklace

The approximate size of the stone is 2x1.4x0.6 CM

The approximate length of the chain is 50CM

Labradorite Stone Benefits

Labradorite is linked to the Third Eye and Crown Chakra and allows us to connect with our higher self, our subconscious mind.

It is often used to assist in meditation sessions. Another benefit of Labradorite stone is that it is effective in calming an overactive mind and intense thoughts. While helping the mind focus on the essential, it can activate the imagination by enabling the formation of new ideas.

For those who suffer from insomnia, having Labradorite stone helps to fall asleep easier, sleep better and sleep deeply.

If you have large quantities of labradorite stones, it is a great idea to have them in social areas around your home. This is because Labradorite is believed to have purifying properties and can help neutralize negative vibrations in the area where it is located. Keeping it in areas such as the living room or kitchen does not allow any negative energy brought by other people to affect your peaceful energy. Also, since the stone has beautiful colors and patterns, it makes a nice addition to your decor.

Product Price : 2.21 Dolar
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