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Gua Sha Facial Massage Stone - How To Use Benefits To The Skin

Facial Massager Roller Gua Sha
What Does Gua Sha Natural Stone Face Massager Do For The Skin

Enjoy natural care to get rid of wrinkles and fat on your face and neck
Accelerate blood circulation and eliminate toxins from your skin. Reduce all kinds of folds and puffiness on your face. Facial massage stones provide you with a flawless beauty with Anti-Aging Benefits.

The large roller is ideal for massaging the neck, chin, forehead and cheeks.
The smaller roller is ideal for more sensitive areas, especially around the eyes and lips.

Gua Sha is great to be used on your body and helps a lot in relieving pressure with a relaxing and elegant mood at all times.

Gua Sha Stone And Roller Benefits
Facial massage with natural stones accelerates blood circulation and increases oxygen transfer to the cells, thus keeping the cells younger. It helps to normalize the swelling under the eyes on your skin after sleep. Gua sha stone tightens the pores in the skin. It is effective in making the face look younger and tighter by reducing the appearance of fine lines. Facial massage stone has a positive effect on all organs by contacting the acupuncture points on the face. It has a reducing effect on inflammation and irritation on acne-prone skin. Natural stone roller helps to reduce the appearance of tone unevenness on the skin. It provides more absorption of the active substances of the skin care products used. Gua sha and Roller It has an anti-edema effect for a healthy skin appearance. By increasing lymphatic drainage, it ensures the removal of edema and toxins so that you can have a healthy skin. By massaging this product all over your face and neck, you can both reduce dark circles, remove wrinkles and have softer skin. This allows you to have a perfect beauty without chemicals.



STEP 1: Wash your face with normal cleansing products.
STEP 2: Apply any skin care cream to your face and neck.
STEP 3: Use upward motions to gently move the Jade or Rose Quartz roller over your forehead, cheeks, lip contour and neck. Close your eyes and gently roll them over your eyelids.


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