Garnet Necklace (With 925 Sterling Silver Device)

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Garnet Necklace (With 925 Sterling Silver Device)

The average length of the necklace is 42 CM, the extension chain is 4 CM.

Approximate size of stones is 2.5x2.5 MM

Benefits of Garnet Stone

Garnet also ignites the fire of love, romance and passion in relationships. If you are looking to stabilize your romantic relationships or are suffering from missing love luck in your life, garnet is the perfect stone for you.

When it comes to astrological benefits, it is very important to know that garnet is the gemstone associated with protection. The positive energy of garnets creates a sanctuary around the person to protect them from all impending mishaps. This is the particular reason why garnets are mostly prescribed to travelers because they go out of the house very often and need maximum protection.

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