Balance Harmony Bracelet

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Balance Harmony Bracelet

Average length of the bracelet 19 CM

Size of stones 6 MM

Balance Harmony Bracelet consists of Hematite, Garnet (Granate), Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, Agate, Rose Quartz and Amethyst.


It relieves stress by regulating the nervous system, calms excessive emotions and excitements. It provides balance between the physical nervous system and the spiritual nervous system, keeping both healthy.

It is good for people with decision making difficulties.
Garnet (Granate) Stone

It helps you to keep your balance when you get the feelings of excitement and emptiness.
It gives a feeling of calm. Thus, it allows you to go through the tasks you need to do slowly and in order.
Lapis Lazuli

It is thought to protect the user from mental depression by providing a positive perspective.
It reduces anxiety and anxiety, gives vitality.
It strengthens communication skills and clarifies thoughts.
Labradorite Stone

It is also effective in calming an active mind and intense thoughts. While helping the mind focus on the essential, it can activate the imagination by creating new ideas.
It helps the user to analyze his past and current life. It provides spiritual development.

It socializes the user. It helps them to adapt to the environment and people, and it is believed to put an end to their incompatibility.
It represents joy and peace, discharges negative and excess energy in the body, and eliminates stress.
Rose Quartz Stone

It allows us to have inner peace, harmony and love of life.
It is emotional stabilizer, stimulates brain functions. It is good for depression, it allows the user to value himself.
Amethyst Stone

It gives positive energy and relieves stress. Thus, it has the property of being a natural sedative.
It gives motivation, helps the decision-making mechanism to work, provides common sense and insight.
It calms hatred, anger and fear. It relieves stress and gives positive energy.

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