Aventurine Stone Necklace

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Aventurine Stone Necklace

Pendant size approx 4.5X2 CM

Chain average length 50 CM

Aventurine Stone

Aventurine comes from the Italian word Aventura, which means luck.

Some Benefits of Aventurine Stone

Green Aventurine is the most popular version of this rich and wonderful stone. Green Aventurine is a stone that should be applied. Besides being a lucky charm, this stone also helps in calming the soul, regulating your energy and keeping your heart open and ready to receive.

Aventurine is often referred to as a heart healer because of its association with the Heart Chakra. It is one of the most well-known stones when it comes to the vibration it produces. It has a common link with the word 'luck' due to its etymology.

Among all gemstones, Aventurine is considered the most prosperous. The green variety is known as the stone of probability. In your career, relationships, finance, commerce, etc. If you want to be successful, this stone is your best choice.

Aventurine is also famous for stopping smoking, drinking, gambling and similar chronic habits.

Aventurine is beneficial for the human body. It has properties that help the eyes regain clear vision. Its historical background supports this, as the ancient Tibetans discovered that sculptures and artifacts of stone enhanced their creative powers.

If you have problems with your metabolism, too fast or too slow, it is highly recommended to get yourself a gem of Aventurine. The positive energy that resonates with the glow of Aventurine inspires the body to exercise more often.

Product Price : 5.34 Dolar
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