Anyolite Stone (Ruby Zoisite) Pyramid

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Anyolite Stone (Ruby Zoisite) Pyramid

Approximate Weight of Stones 96-125 GR

Approximate Size of the Stone 8.5x2.5 CM

Very small size and tones of stones may vary between each other.

Anyolite Stone (Ruby Zoisite) Properties

It is a health stone and gives healing to the person who uses it.

It provides focus and prevents distraction. It is used for exam periods.

It is an effective stone on self-confidence, happiness, depression and stress reduction.

It is an effective stone in the evil eye, it is said to protect the person against negative energies.

It is said to have a balancing feature in the relations between men and women.

It is thought to have effects on reducing the possibility of making mistakes by protecting the person from intense emotions.

It gives peace and quiet.

In a powerful form, it stimulates the heart and evokes positive emotions in the heart.

It helps against flu and cold as it fights viruses and bacteria.

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