Amethyst Stone Necklace

Ürün Kodu: 200633

Marka: Dünya Doğal Taş

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Amethyst Stone Necklace

Approximate size of the stone 22X10 MM

Our necklace is approximate length 52 CM

Amethyst Stone Benefits

Amethyst is believed to heal headaches, depression, grief, despair, insomnia and provide the wearer with a healing and peaceful sleep.

Also called the lover's gemstone, Jamuniya signifies true love and loyalty and can be presented as a Wedding Anniversary gift in the 4th or 6th year of marriage to maintain healthy relationships.

With its incredible properties that relax the nervous system and calm the mind, amethyst is one of the blessings of Mother Earth to the entire human race. Ruled by the planet Uranus, this stone is believed to protect and calm the mind of its wearer. It increases the power of concentration and is therefore useful for people engaged in research work, such as scientists and mathematicians.

Product Price : 2.87 Dolar
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