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gua sha amethyst natural stone massage stone used for facial massage skin and beauty. You can contact us for bulk purchases. The price is for 1 piece. Since the product is a natural stone, the product to be delivered to you may have slight tonal differences from the product photo, depending on the stock status.


Facial massage tools, which have gained popularity recently, are basically of Chinese origin. It is known that the youth and beauty secrets of Far Eastern women are the facial massage they do with these massage tools. The fact that these massage tools, which have varieties such as roller and Gua Sha, are made of natural stones, increases the effect rate. You can feel the different benefits of each stone thanks to the massage you will do with them, and you can pamper yourself in this way. By ensuring that the serums you will use in the last stage of skin care are better absorbed by the skin, you can show your skin the attention it deserves. Skin massage, which is one of the most practical ways to provide a youthful and wrinkle-free skin structure, which is extra important for women, is actually an easy and inexpensive care method that you can do at home.

Product Price : 10.90 Dolar
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