8 MM Tiger Eye A Quality Stone Array - DZ2047

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Our A Quality tiger eye series. There are an average of 48 natural stone beads in our string and the string length is approximately 40 CM.

It is one of the most known and used stones among natural stones. This stone, which is from the quartz group, usually has yellow, brown and golden yellowish lines. It has a glassy, ​​iridescent and silky appearance. It is generally used in jewelry and rosaries. Since the price of tiger eye varies according to the quality of your stone, there may be price differences between two similar products.

According to research, tiger eye is a stone frequently used in ancient cultures for its various benefits and visual beauty. The tiger eye, which served as an ornament on the armor and helmets of soldiers in Ancient Rome and to distract the enemy, was frequently used in exterior decorations and as amulets in Egypt.

Minerals contained: iron, oxygen, silicon, sodium hydroxide

Places of Extraction: South Africa, Australia, Burma, India, USA, Brazil

Tiger Eye Stone Benefits:

1. It gives positive energy to the person who uses it and purifies it from negative energy.

2. It is believed to protect from the negativities of magic and evil eye among the people.

3. Tiger eye, also known as the stone of strength and courage, has a feature that increases the feelings of freedom and independence.

4. Tiger's eye, which is known to have positive effects on pain, plays a role in relieving stress-related headaches.

5. People with digestive system problems are especially recommended to use this stone.

6. Positive effects have been observed in the regulation of blood circulation and blood purification. It is also known for its heart health benefits.

7. It is thought to be good for asthma diseases.

8. It is known that alcohol and cigarette users give willpower in the process of quitting their addiction.

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