8MM Bloodstone Array - DZ3329

Ürün Kodu: 2020D2539

Marka: Dünya Doğal Taş

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There are approximately 48 natural stone beads in our 8 mm bloodstone array. The average length of our knee is 40 CM.

Some Benefits of Bloodstone

There are many beliefs when it comes to the healing benefits of Bloodstone.

Bloodstone, assault, bullying, physical injury, etc. It is believed to provide security against any physical threat such as It also provides effective verbal protection against any form of verbal abuse.

Moved to a new neighborhood? Transferred to a different office? Bloodstone is the jewel for you.

Carry a Bloodstone if you want to adapt to or adjust to a new environment. The jewel is said to give its owner the presence of mind and the determination to adapt. It heals the mind from the stress of being in a new place.

Bloodstone is also a suitable jewel for those who want to relieve their tiredness both physically and mentally. The stone emits a vibration that strengthens the body and mind of its bearer.

Its extraordinary healing properties magnify its owner's determination to achieve his goals in life. The vitality engraved on it allows the mind to expand its thoughts and ideas. If you have trouble thinking or planning something, Bloodstone can be of great help.

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