8 MM Facet Cut Prinaite Stone Series

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8 MM Facet Cut Prinayt Stone Array There are approximately 52 stones in our natural stone array. The string length is about 40CM.

Prinayt (Prehnite) Stone Features

It is a symbol of unconditional love, power, talent, protection from negative energy, peace and it is thought to help the user gain these features.

It increases the power of intuition and spiritual awareness (forgiveness).

It is a stone that is expressed as "he who heals heals the one who heals". For this reason, it is recommended to be used by doctors, therapists and teachers.

It helps to remember dreams seen. Alleviates or eliminates nightmares.

It treats and eliminates fears, phobias and panic.

Horoscope; It is suitable to use all other zodiac signs, especially Libra.

Product Price : 16.81 Dolar
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