10 MM Fluorite Stone Array

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10 MM Fluorite Stone There are about 37 stones in our natural stone series. The string length is about 38CM.

Fluorite Stone Properties

It is a stone that gives you happiness when you are emotionally unhappy.

It allows one to be freed from the bondage of bad memories.

It increases one's self-confidence.

It provides to enter under a more soothing and peaceful energy.

It provides relief from the pain of those suffering from headaches.

It has supportive effects to be more successful.

It enables people with low self-confidence to define and express themselves more accurately.

It is a stone that people who are in the process of depression do not leave with them because it provides mental calmness.

Horoscope; It is among the cornerstones of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces zodiac signs.

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