8 MM Blue Tiger Eye Stone Array - DZ3470

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Our 8 MM Blue tiger eye stone array is approximately 40 CM long and there are an average of 48 stones in the array.

Tiger Eye Stone Properties

-         It gives positive energy to the person who uses it and purifies it from negative energy.

-         among the people, it is believed to protect from the negative effects of magic and the evil eye.

-         Also known as the stone of strength and courage.

-          You can clean the tiger eye stone by washing it under running water or by keeping it under the ground for a day.

-         It is believed to bring abundance, abundance and money.

-         Emotionally stabilizing and reduces stubbornness. It allows the person to perceive events more clearly.

Horoscope; It is among the cornerstones of Virgo, Scorpio and Sagittarius.

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