6 MM Gold Facet Cut Hematite Stone Series - DZ3674

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Brand: Dünya Doğal Taş

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The length of our 6 MM facet cut gold color hematite string is approximately 40 CM. The number of stones in the series is 60 on average.

Hematite Stone Properties

Hematite is a natural stone with a dark gray blackish opacity with a metallic sheen. It is a powerful stone used as an aid in matters such as courage, vitality, wealth and power. In the past, people used hematite to calm fears, relieve anger and bring peace.

- Relieves stress, tension and anxiety.

-Gives courage and strength by regulating your energy fluctuation.

- It reduces mood changes such as excessive excitement and anxiety.

- Regulates the nervous system.

It is good for people who have decision difficulties.

- It strengthens the memory.

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